Core Features And Advantages Of Zend Framework

There is a lot of buzz about Zend development these days. The Zend frameworks in an open-source lightweight PHP 5 web app that allows a Zend developer to introduce Web 2.0 features to web projects in order to build top-of-the line solutions which include projects that are based on cloud computing. The entire framework is only one directory of classes.

Zend development and customization remains to be one of the most widely employed open-source libraries for PHP web app development today. The recently released PHP Zend Framework 2.02 expands the functionality thus providing further capabilities and features for Zend developers.Core Features Of PHP Zend Framework

The core features of Zend:

  1. Zend customization has a flexible architecture wherein all components are tied loosely. This gives the Zend developer possibility to use the framework components separately or to combine them based on needs and preferences.
  2. Zend development offers an MVC or Model-View-Controller pattern. This enables division web app into presentation, data access layers, business logic and many more. The MVC pattern is useful when various developers and designers are tasked with the same website application project.
  3. Zend incorporates most widely used Web Services and APIs of third-party organizations. These may include Microsoft, Google, Amazon, StrikeIron, Yahoo and Flickr.
  4. It offers AJAX support that allows developers to be able to convert XML data to a JSON format, supported by AJAX-based front-end applications.
  5. Zend enables work with numerous third-party RDBMS. They may include Postgre SQL, Microsoft SQL, Oracle, MySQL and more, streamlining the process of development of PHP apps.

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The framework is very easy on maintenance and use. It offers great control when it comes to designing and provides built-in tools and library to help develop a dynamic site. Zend furthermore offers cost-effective solutions for development of website and very easy to expand. One may have a technically advanced featured site by switching on to the PHP Zend framework. Zend development stands behind a well-respected and famous company ZEND that has much to do with PHP. In addition to that, the framework also has an outstanding team of contributors with plenty of experience and brain power.

Zend contains well-developed components that follow actual design patterns and has eighty percent unit test coverage. The framework is very flexible and is almost always utilized by developers in order to create web apps and websites. It is truly one of the popular PHP frameworks to come around. The biggest trend of the platform is the highly modular Model-View-Controller or MVC design. This design makes the code easier to maintain and more reusable. The framework fixes up developers with numerous beneficial features. Development of Zend could be handled easily and requires less coding.

Developers of Zend could use numerous components without having to develop it within the structure of the framework. Gain more control over app designing and in-built support for website services through Zend development because it is developers choice as well as it offers high density of flexibility during the application development.


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